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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a finnish increase to one of the world's most notorious terrorists and an extremist website operating freely in his country gets into trouble with the police after his interview with. also. libyan rebels a last nato as i go with the alliance is tactics in the country grows together with the number of civilian casualties. as the new crew arrives at the international space station for centuries. to look at the latest ambitious space
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projects. it's just after two pm here in moscow you with artsy welcome to the program now a priest in finland is being accused of inciting religious hatred described one of the world's most wanted men as a terrorist police have questioned the pastor after he gave an interview in which he discussed. the man behind the moscow metro and. was the one who carried out this interview. ah so you hamil are is being prosecuted for inciting really just hatred and for public it criticizing what the finnish authorities describe as a legally operating organization that is the cop car centric russian called the
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caucus the center of the world of all the years and i don't know what the organization is all about this is a media outlets and internet websites which made itself a name by being a multi-sport terrorist to call mark this website is banned in russia as well as in a number of other countries across the world but in finland it enjoys quite a comfortable locational all the time turned in downtown houses. quarters all these organizations are in the very center of the city now you have the lhari was the first and the only man in finland to openly say that this was outrageous and that finland should not shoulder extremist organizing since he was not really surprised when after a short while he was getting that prize from people members of these organizations and those letters was signed by the kumar we saw what he wants to please release and phillis him to be a little interested in the decision even came from those. and it
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appears that the goal motto dearest. you've done your personal investigation here. is a pretty. respectable person. responsible person some of you know cities are express train bombing in two thousand nine. hundred twenty turn and most recently the suicide bombing on the country's largest airport the idea that. he's not only russia's most wanted man double murder he's also on the international least of terrorists listen to the u.s. knowledge the fact that he has links to al qaida so with all that in mind the
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question is what is the reason persecuted for side obvious facts which the rest of the world knowledge is. holding a terrorist a terrorist but finland deems these. fights. back and the chairman of the finish a friendship society who says that finland's a stance is attracting a terrorists to the country. but. it . will bring. some feeling which actually is the fact we have. more for.
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well while people like you right off get to have their say in finland the world continues to be on high terror alert just overnight two separate bombs were diffused here in moscow a powerful load of t.n.t. with shrapnel was taken from a car stopped by traffic police as well as almost heart a kilo of explosives the rest of the driver also had an automatic pistol that follows the arrest of a thirty eight year old member of islamic jihad in the capital on wednesday he also possessed an explosive device. called more of this of course at our web site r.t. dot com it's a we're also following the development of the finnish priest's case as well as many other stories we have to bring you now you can also get in-depth analysis of the events we cover from leading experts and politicians that's of course. dot com. well officials are investigating libyan claims that british planes destroyed the arab states largest oil field killing three guards the field was reportedly controlled by khadafi its forces and the alleged bombing comes as the rebels send
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the first tanker ship loaded with oil to cancer palace we're now has more from tripoli. from the beginning of this whole conflict the government here in tripoli has accused the international community of the coming of broiled in libyan affairs because of a over self interest government saying that there's something to some motivated around the production of oil what we're hearing from the foreign ministry is that bush's war planes have hit and oil base in the southeast of this country that is owned and operated by gadhafi people were killed several people were wounded and it is not immediately clear what was the military value in hitting an oil field out of them perhaps trying to stop gadhafi getting his hands on money that comes from the selling and the exporting of oil now the look in foreign ministry has said that this is an act of aggression it says it violates international law and it violates that un resolution one ninety seven three because it is not protecting civilian lives as well as the front line as it has for several days now it is still centered
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around the eastern oil town of brega now we have been hearing that the rebels are making some kind of advancements but those advancements are very minor particularly in light of mates is trisomy has been unable to help the rebels to advance and it's been unable to convince gadhafi forces in cells from advancing eastwards my colleague to go is going off who is in benghazi explore for the phenomenon of nato his role in the conflict a very. or any move to any sort of he's going all the way to retirement but now he's fighting for the revolution and he's among the few rebels at the brunt with military training and experience. or forces or not either we're ready to fight to the jets but with these weapons we don't stand a chance against gadhafi since needing to control the northwards on a region it's waves that need more than one thousand c.d.'s and maybe including four hundred technicians the u.n. screens are only good of that of use words is now going to be strewn with these
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words help from the various on the ground the rebels or stew about. later it's failed there are civilians in the strike zone and we daily have green marketers and here has there been drilling taking proper actions against the could not your troops on the rebels taking the town of regen means clearing the way west well just when it seemed they were epic yourself. a new series of tanks by gadhafi forces triggered a key already retreat. just a week ago gas was revolutionary you know we've seen the entire cd police need to for its support but the fraud like it seems to me that the list of girls killed or missing can be it seems to me it's all good your life history and tactics
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is raising as well all tests way this one are becoming in common seen me using media all feeling to protect civilians they are asking for help in the are demanding it i think. i don't get all the way to fall for gadhafi to kill or still we demand a new u.n. resolution which would allow us. but experts say arming the rebels alone wouldn't help us win the war with the rebels need not so much arms they can use arms training anything the force arnelle servicing of the us in egypt are called retreat and even if force is going beyond the mandate of u.n. resolution that established do not know as well you're just going off on india as the media. you can be the first to get the latest updates from tripoli with our of course one paula slit who you just saw reporting on it you can do so we are trying to feed having
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a look at the screen right now where you can see that paul is there reports that she just saw an aircraft flying a problem i fly very nearby and left a vapor. loud explosions were heard of course there are many waterways they are all it seems for a place for you to check out any time you'd like to get to know what's happening on the ground with all its twitter that's policy and school. but nato has intervention and has only worsen the situation on the ground in libya according to a robot leone's from the online of political magazine spiked he says we're now looking into a long and bloody stalemate. we're going to be in this kind of stuck situation where every time the duffys men don't make some progress get shot by the nato airstrikes and they're held back but the rebels aren't strong enough to actually get rid of gadhafi either now this prolongs and very nasty civil war going on so they're in this position i where they're actually helping some and maintaining
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a style made between suicides and actually probably more people will die as a result of this intervention than the third be no intervention at all either you have a situation where the nato was in that are now able to go any further and actually just made things worse by not actually allowing one side or the other to win the fight or there's a slippery slope and that's a good becomes more and more involved the point at which they're actually very heavily involved just as it was iraq and afghanistan. now the libyan situation requires a delicate balance between respecting sovereignty and facing up to the responsibility of protecting the people there from kidnappings forces also says jesse ventura a former governor of minnesota his interview is coming up in about twenty minutes time here in our state but for now here's a quick look. libya is difficult because it shouldn't be puts everyone between a rock and a hard place and one here and you feel well that's libya's business it's their
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country if they want to overthrow their leader or change whatever they do in their country you know it's their business to do so is it necessarily our business you know what here's the rock and hard place with a double edged sword you also don't want to see a genocide or a slaughter take place because once you has all the guns and weapons and by the way where do you think you get some from. where. were the biggest arms dealer in the world. so i thought it was coming away in just less than twenty minutes here so you know what every time the u.s. forces are sent into military action there's always a media battle going on alongside it the former yugoslavia are kind of stone huge amounts of taxpayers' dollars are spent on winning the hearts and minds of people on the ground but it's also you that laura lister reports war often be a hard thing to sell. the reality of war and war is hell and that's why you want to
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go to war and it's an absolute interest to your national security it's one reason why i coalition forces do battle with an information war to fight alongside the real one playing out on the ground in afghanistan for example so it's not guardedly known by these milestones the longest war in american history we have surpassed the soviet campaign there we have spent. money but instead carries this message good morning afghanistan welcome to the new game of hope and reconstruction in the war torn region which accommodates conflict but he longs for peace and that's the nato version told in this promotional film it was given to international journalists like myself at the annual nato summit presumably to spread the message public relations efforts like these are nothing new and commander of the nato forces the united states spends billions of dollars alone to
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market its version of the war to the world including p.r. at home and abroad u.s. funded media as well as psychological operations for example a leaked classified cia document revealed a plan for ally it's a quote strategic communication program across nato troop contributors they could provide a buffer if out of the becomes opposition to fight declining public support for the war from france and germany this cia tapped afghan women as the perfect messenger to make an emotional appeal about the taliban. and professed their aspirations for the future as this woman does here. some media picked up on this message to hear time magazine equates pulling out u.s. troops from afghanistan with brutality against women however remember about this poor girl this happened while he was troops were there and it's not clear efforts
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like this even work it's absolutely impossible to tell but i would be willing to suggest that. it's very ineffective i mean while hillary clinton says the u.s. is losing when it comes to broadcasting its message abroad on state funded t.v. stations unfortunately we are paying a big price for it even though the u.s. has spent one billion dollars alone to broadcast its message to the arab world where it's at war through the state news network. the network has logged in just happen percent of you worship. you know with all showing perhaps you can't sell a war welcome to the new day unless you have a buyer lauren mr archie york and you know the difference between the p.r. campaign and the reality is a striking well you can see that for yourself checking out our exclusive photo gallery reports from afghanistan find out on a longer upside but it's a tough call. you're
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with us you live from moscow let's check out some other stories making headlines around the world this hour and in ivory coast forces loyal to the internationally recognized election no winner. has laid siege to the incumbent leader's residence it comes off her attempts to drive from the presidential palace where he's holed up u.n. and french troops continue to conduct strikes on military targets throughout. the tension comes amid failed efforts to negotiate both from the country he claims he has no intention of stepping down. three suicide bombers police training center in the afghan city of kandahar it happened when insurgents
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launched an assault on the building where a gun battle is still raging the scale of casualties at this point is not known and the taliban has already claimed responsibility. and efforts are underway at japan's fukushima power plant to prevent explosions that workers are injecting and nitrogen into one reactor to stop the highly flammable hydrogen inside it from blowing up explosions of this type have already happened at the plant workers plug the leak of highly radioactive water into the pacific ocean another confirmed a number of dead from the earthquake and tsunami in march is now nearing thirteen thousand. but there are some new arrivals in orbit as a new crew is boarded the international space station the soyuz spacecraft that brought three astronauts there for a five month mission ship docked successfully to be i assessed just a little bit earlier today there are now a total of six people on board floating on station probably celebrating fifty years
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of manned space travel next week crafts even be named after the first man in space . and its legacy is inspiring a bold future of further exploration as are things to do with points. as for our spend most of their lives preparing for the possibility of going to space the russian cosmonaut for example takes about two hundred fifty exams we're and that's a different there's a call for there we have to go through all the hard work men and women put into their professions one of the thing based here is probably a little more about it and that's an unwavering childhood dream of literally read for something big aspiring cosmonauts surrogate of retire watches intently as a so you see i'm a twenty one spacecraft is course digits vertical position at only fourteen he's so certain about his future that he's already made headway he went to the u.s. and became the first youngster to spend fifteen minutes floating in the zero gravity environment hospital strain in somalia with you to clean up i thought the
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weight of my body as if i was drawing treats i could hardly move my hands but this early start is something the first man in space you're a good guy in could himself have related to his feet fifty years ago marked the beginning of a long list of achievements in manned space exploration. for walking on the route. to building the massive international space station. but it doesn't stop there next possibly a hotel in orbit yet another space dream which because you for this hotel project there will be forums at the station with enough food for seven people they'll be trivia luminaries so that everyone can observe the earth from stars i've always wanted to become a cosmonaut that didn't happen but i'm sure that one day i'll travel to space a tourist price tag is a hefty thirty five to forty billion dollars but there is
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a cheaper alternative another project aims to send space tourists to lower earth orbit where they'll spend five minutes and zero gravity and see the planet in its entirety for two hundred thousand. ehlers we've used to symbolize groups of people to around one hundred kilometers above ground where they will be able to seal planets and coarseness with their own eyes to do this they plan to use the ability of this plane to carry cargo on its body the plane will take off with a small space shuttle which will be released at a certain altitude but arguably the most a business of space projects is the mars five hundred experiment simulating a voyage to the rest one in the event this global ambitions becomes reality and when that time comes young sergei is certain he'll be ready to take on the challenge not mars really i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well to the means of jupiter saturn b.c. you can leave there in future. and like many space men and women he believes it
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will only be a matter of time that's our cilia r.t. baikonur in kazakhstan. now as the world gears up to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned space flight you can join in by entering our special competition just create something inspired by the iconic image of the first human in space of course your garden could be anything from a tattoo to a t. shirt and there are great prizes on offer here as well all the details at r.t. dot com. if. you. are in our time to. deal with the latest business news and. it's not looking good for yet another
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you remember as we're learning here at r.t. that portugal is now asking for a financial bailout from the european union are critical we have any details on how the other markets are reacting to this at this point. well rory. we had a hand over rory shares in your bro's news especially shares of the portuguese banks and we'll have more on the figures in just a moment and and when we look at the markets but first we go to two other stories hello and welcome to our business bulletin now the liberalization of the european gas market has come in for sustained criticism of moscow's international forum the e.u. is urging russia to join the so-called third energy package of the new regulation gas suppliers will have to give up control of a pipeline in europe and artie's within a quarter is the forum and she joins us now hello do you know why there's so much sort of say hostility but for a. while kareen i actually know one hands of the international and you foreign
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which is taking place right behind my back is really happy with the recent european union legislation over the gas transportation system now the third and he package which was approved last month is designed to liberalize european and asian markets by guaranteeing a third party access to pipelines as well as separating suppliers from owners of the transport infrastructure and now as a maniac stories here say that under the new legislation russia may have to south some of those up lifeline assets and also russia's gazprom strongly opposes this a recent largest nations saying that this will divert the investment flow away from gas transportation pipelines and that's we managed to speak to one of the companies involved in the construction of the south stream gas pipeline or a margarita hole for money which is the how it's all going to solve
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a ruthless and she sounds does this move will also bring in negative impact on the investment will. a company which is involved in energy projects needs stability in the frame who needs confidence that the money which has been invested at the beginning of the project also will soothe its need at the end and what there be here european politics is currently doing is not only regulating the law it's trying to intervene into the canoe decisions but also changing the rules of the game ever and ever again. kind began strong trying to example some part of the gas supply blind i believe from the new european union legislation and here we're specifically talking about these live being employed and maniacs gathered here in moscow and st john's global investors may lose confidence
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not money to be put in this business very come back to them. ok thanks very much for that ortiz medina courtship of our reporting from moscow's international energy forum. and russia's consumer confidence has declined in the first quarter of this year following the gains at the end of two thousand and ten the index of consumer confidence fell three points to minus thirteen reclined was driven by rising commodity prices and poor harvest pushing inflation above nine percent disposable incomes turned negative in the press two months of the year after sixteen months of gains. and the oil price is down after five days of gains on concerns about the decline in demand from the u.s. and china however the unrest in the middle east and africa is still supporting crude brands blend is trading at around one hundred twenty two and a half dollars per barrel and light sweet is trading at over one hundred eight dollars. now it's have
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a look at how the stock markets are performing here in russia markets continue to slide following the decline in the price of oil in new york the my six is losing point seven percent retreating from the highest level since june two thousand and eight and the audience is down over one percent this hour with energy majors the biggest drag now let's look at some individual shareholders now look or as sharing one point three percent on profit taking followed by ross snapped steelmaker m.k. is down around point three percent after its last year's net profit missed expectations alcoa produces synergy are supposed to net profit below forecasts with its shares down around percent from the march and. now european shares rise as polled. well said it will seek bailout from the european union shares and portuguese banks rally strongly with bank a spirit of santo and bank of commerce helpless against both climbing over four percent you case puts a poor point three percent between point b. and point five percent germany's dax is sliding sort of red now on the downside
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shares and german construction group how to talk over five percent have warned of losses and it's all straight in europe. now as we've been reporting portugal has finally asked for a bailout from the european union and the debt ridden country may need as much as seventy five billion euros earlier portugal rejected financial help but had to change its mind as the worsening political crisis postponing calls to record highs is the third e.u. member to seek a rescue after ireland and greece but has called pending their explains it debt contagion we're going to cause could spread further including to some of the world's biggest economies i. think the first question one comes to ask you is where is the credibility of the projections of both the european union the end over here in america we've heard of stressed first we were told that everything was ok the banks which are grown and buying a step thinking that they were going to be backstop to now all those hoops portugal
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isn't ok is recently as a week ago we were told they were going to need a bailout so this is the third time and i'm wondering how long before the markets are ok but i'm not portugal is just simply a matter of we're spending more than we're making which incidentally is what we're doing in united states as well and finally people are throwing up early into saying we don't think we're going to get paid and that's where the problem always comes from. that's all the time we have for this edition our business business unit out of back with more in less than one hour so hope you can get that. the but.
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when the news is not enough. when something really crucial. when you want to get down to brass tacks we bring you our special coverage here on in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left the country devastating event united two nations in grief. question more on.


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